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About the Property

Gargirita is an impressive Queen Anne style residence of excellent proportions, completed in 2016 and finished to an exceptionally high standard throughout. Features include Chambers kitchen and fitted wardrobes, bespoke cabinets and wardrobes by Paul Riches furniture, Elan G Home control and automation with in-ceiling speakers and external speakers on the south facing terrace, underfloor heating to all floors, stone and marble tiled floors and air conditioning to some rooms. Also of note is the self contained flat located over the double garage. The property sits within established landscaped gardens, with a south facing rear terrace and brick summerhouse. In total the area amounts to about 0.7 of an acre.

Property Features

– Cinema room with reclining seats and bar area
– Fully fitted gym with professional grade Precor equipment
– Large outside terraces and barbecue area
– 3/4 acre of garden
– Home entertainment system and fitted TV's throughout
– Extensive use of marble throughout

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1. How many tickets can I buy?
You can buy as many tickets as you like! The odds will compound, so the more tickets you buy, the better the chances of winning!
2. Can I team up with my friends to buy tickets?
Of course you can share tickets amongst groups of friends! Any surplus legal/transfer fees incurred by the winning group would need to be covered by the winners.
3. What happens if we don’t sell enough tickets?
We are required by gambling commission laws to still do a draw but the winner will receive a cash prize instead of the house. The size cash prize will be dependant on how many tickets we sell. But we REALLY want to give the house away!!
4. Where will my money be kept and will it be safe?
Once you have purchased your ticket(s), the money is held by "Trust Payments (a British Based global Payment Gateway)" and remains in their account until either the tickets are sold out / or the financial alternative if that does not happen. Once this happens, the payments are made to Charles Russell Speechly ( the solicitors) who hold this until the transfer of the house/ cash alternative is complete. At no time does the promoter or the owners of the property have access to any money from the competition until completion of either mentioned alternative has been achieved.
5. Who has access to my personal details?
We take personal data security extremely seriously! Prior to purchasing tickets, you will be required to give your contact details in order for us to provide you with competition updates. Your data will be held by a professional 3rd party data handling company who are running the competition side of the raffle. They are experts in this field and your details will be in safe hands. Only the competition organisers will have access to your details apart from the 3rd party data company. On completion of the competition, your details will be permanently deleted from their database.
6. Do I have to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax if I win?
NO! The Stamp Duty Land Tax cost will be covered as part of the winnings, so if you win you can move in right away!
7. What is Stamp Duty?
Stamp Duty Land Tax (also known as Stamp Duty or SDLT) is payable on the purchase or transfer of property or land in the UK which has a value above a certain threshold. It is therefore a tax which arises on property transactions. The stamp duty payable by the owners on this transaction is in excess of £500,000!
8. What other costs are involved if I win? (Lawyers conveyancinfg fees etc.)
All of the costs that would usually be incurred by a house buyer in the UK will be covered within the winnings. This means that if you win the competition, all you have to do is move in! No hidden costs - no nasty unpaid bills - no lawyer’s fees - no stamp duty!
9. What happens if I don’t want the house?
If you win the house and don’t want it, you can do what you wish with it! You could sell it, give it to charity (or a lucky son, daughter, niece, nephew etc) – it’s yours!
10. How long will the competition run for?
The competition will finish as soon as the limited number of tickets is sold. The winner will be announced within 1 week of the tickets selling out. We have an initial target of 6 months for the competition run-time. If the tickets have not sold out after 6 months, the Terms & Conditions specify that the competition can be extended by a maximum of 4 months in order to sell out the tickets.
11. What if not all the tickets are sold?
If not all the tickets are sold in the limited competition run-time, the winner will receive a cash reward of the total revenue from ticket sales minus 30%, the costs of competition facilitation.
12. Will you notify me when the draw will be held/is being held?
Absolutely –everyone who buys a ticket will be contacted monthly on the progress of the competition. When the tickets have sold out, we will notify 1 week in advance of the winner announcement. The winner (First Name and Last Name) will be announced on a live stream. We will also contact the winner with the details provided. We will attempt to contact the winner 5 times over the course of 3 weeks. If no response is received, we will re-draw the winner on live-stream as the second closest person to Spot the Ball.
13. Who can enter the competition?
You must be over 18 years old to participate in this competition! The buyer of the tickets
14. Is there anyone living at the house currently?
The house is currently occupied and will be vacated immediately on completion of the legal documentation!
15. Can I visit the house?
Sadly, due to the sheer volume of people interested in this competition, we can’t offer viewings of the house.
16. Can I buy the furniture and fittings ?
Yes there is an opportunity to purchase the furniture and fittings at reasonable market cost, this would be dealt with as part of the legal transfer.

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